Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I guess I should write about the fucking Mercury since it was the 2nd most exciting thing to happen this week.

Several good things made Thursday evening/Friday morning enjoyable. I was out in public with my wife which is a good thing. She really is a fun person. Especially after I get a couple of drinks in her :)

A couple of people actually introduced themselves to me(I'll get back to this).

hyperborea ignored me as usual :p

The bartender remembered what I drink.

Since there weren't many people there, I chose to hide in the DJ booth(bunker?) to avoid Their judgemental eyes while keeping my body in closer proximity to the music without having to actually dance...which I did anyway. I complain that there weren't many people there but I think the low turnout had alot to do with the comparatively large amount of social interaction that was visited upon my person.

One encounter, in particular, blew me away. An attractive female human approached me while I was camping behind the blast wall and said she recognized me from a bar in my home town. I immediately recognized her as an employee of the aforementioned drinking establishment. That's not the amazing part. What's amazing is that the only time I had ever even talked to her was back in July when kyle was visiting and she served us booze. To be recognized, 4 months later, by a person who probably meets more people every day than I meet in a year tells me that I made some sort of impression. I'm not sure whether it was a good impression or a bad impression--like I said, booze was involved. I don't consider myself to be one who generates a strong first impression but in this particular case the evidence is overwhelming. I'm going to have to follow up with her in the future to see if she can tell me what it was that I did to make that impression so I can do more of that. I don't think I could ever have too many hot chicks approach me and introduce themselves. It's the perfect pain killer for my terminal ego.

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