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I woke up with a mean hangover. Funny thing is, I didn't drink or smoke anything last night. I think I was in the middle of a dream and I woke up because Phoenix was messing with one of the computers.

I bought a computer from a coworker yesterday; monitor included. So now I need to take a week off so I can get my computers all set up. Now I will have a total of 6 networked computers. Their names are Muffley(firewall/gateway), Kong(music player/web browser), Kissov(Phoenix's workstation), Strangelove(Jade's workstation), Mandrake(graphics/music workstation, game box), and Ripper(TV, Windows, Aux storage). All are named after characters in "Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb". Mandrake and Ripper are going in violet_rain's room.

Mandrake is going to be a linux graphics and music workstation in addition to serving the family's music collection to the rest of the hosts.

Ripper will probably be a crazy-ass Windows 98 box used for watching movies and running Windows-only software.

Muffley, the firewall, is just a Linux Router Project box in the garage.

Kong, an oldish laptop, will reside in the livingroom and will be used for webserving, music playback, web browsing, and exporting user accounts.

Kissov is going to resume life as a Windows 98 box used, primarily, for educational childrens games on CD-ROM. This is the same 5x86 that Jade first used and still contains a few parts from my first PC. And now I pass it on to Phoenix who will, undoubtedly, tear it apart within the first week or two. So be it.

Jade's computer, Strangelove, began life as an ultra-cheap laptop. It has, since, suffered at my hands a decapitation and transformation. I tore the LCD from its hinges because it was ugly, low-quality, and didn't work right. This is the Frankenstein box of the house. Strangelove is going to be Jade's rite of passage into the world of Linux. I'm going to set up chess and other games and a web browser. I'm going to use it to teach her what I know about operating systems and programming. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it working on an Internet Chess server so I can play with her while I'm at work.

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