Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

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We saw a tagged and bagged corpse on I-5 on our way to the Mercury last night. It seemed to have set the tone for the entire evening.

Which reminds me...

I should probably apologize for anybody affected by my behavior at the Mercury and, later on, Beth's last night. I should know better than to consume 20 oz. of hard liquor and go out in public when I have such a large chip on my shoulder.

But being apologetic doesn't gain me anything. So I don't apologize. I'm resigning myself to being the abrasive, rude, anti-social, chauvinistic, loud, concupiscent, asshole that I am and the world is just going to have to fucking deal with it for a few more years.

What matters is that I think I kept most of it outside of the birthday girl's sphere.

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