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I think the persuit to lengthen the human lifespan might be a waste of time.

Even if we could live forever most people still wouldn't. If we could live forever would death be illegal? I don't think making death illegal would skew the results over a few generation's time. How would we fight our wars? How would the crime of death be punishable? Cloning into eternal slavery? Murderers would be double-plus baddies. How would we punish them? Put their brain in a jar? Would The Alderwood Group become the next RIAA lobbying and litigating hard for the suicide cause; watching their livlihood become extinct?

Even if we could live forever, we could never do or have or experience or know everything. Because that which came before us is mostly lost. Society would churn endlessly clamoring for the "more" "better" "faster" "newer" that is impossible to attain.

I think our resources would be better spent finding ways to make space travel fast enough, cheap enough, and common enough to provide a frontier. It should be at least as easy to travel to and settle alien worlds in the infinite space as it was to Go West. I'm not saying it should be painless and without barriers; the struggle is necessary. But people need to have a place they can go to live among others of similar interest. It wouldn't matter how many of us there were as long as we could get far enough apart from those we violently disagree with. By the time we filled up space we might know enough to persue A Better Way.

"Hope of a better place or situation" is how I define religion. Another definition might be "Just another drug many humans use to take the edge off of death-fright."

I'm not afraid of death. I believe death is necessary, natural, and quite probably inevitable.

I am afraid of becoming a brain in a jar. I am afraid of becoming a braindead vegetable dependent on machines to pump my blood and breathe for me without being able to tell Them to turn the machines off. All while a bill gets sent to the people I used to love before becoming a human turnip. Ever enduring. Never effecting. In other words, hell. The opposite, heaven, would then have to be a return to ignorance(bliss).

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