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Warning. Chess Geek Ahead.

I went to Don's house last night and played two games of chess. In the first game I played white and ended up resigning. I, black, ended the second game with a draw. This is such an incredible achievement; I was elated. I didn't lose against Don. I forced a draw! And that's not all...I did all of this after an opening that, historically, has proven to be very challenging for me.

1. d4 Nc6
2. d5 Ne5
3. Bf4 Nc5
4. b3 Nb2

After I forced a draw, we decided to throw the position at a computer chess engine to see what it would do. We used Chessmaster 8000 and Chess Tiger for Palm. Chess Tiger found a checkmate solution for black in 19 moves. Chessmaster wasn't really any help. We couldn't figure out how to make it solve the position in any reasonable amount of time. After utilizing 100% CPU for two hours just to get black out of check, we figured we must have set something wrong.

Here's the position:

2rK1Q2/pp2r2p/8/8/2P1P3/1P3PP1/1KB4q/8 b - -

Don's new roomate, Dan came home after awhile and we played around with his Roland GrooveSampler console for awhile. We ate sun-dried tomato alfredo over shell pasta and listened to a comedy CD. Don let me borrow his Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack CD. I love friends.

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