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What a great day.

The day started out crappy. I got the run-around from Sonic Blue when I called to see how much it would cost to fix my broken mp3 player. Fuck! I used that thing every day to listen to audio books while driving and music while riding my bike. Now I'm faced with
A. Doing without an audible®-ready mp3 player. (my worst fear)
2. Biting the bullet and laying down my already sparse cash for a replacement.
§. Laying down the aforementioned cash to fix the player I already have (which I understand will never be really fixed).

Anyway, I'll deal with that later. In the meantime (and it will be mean) I'll just have to read a *gulp* physical book. Doing so while driving will be just the challenge I need to spice up my life.

Moving on. I went to work...not a good day at work. The boss actually wanted me to do something. I said "yeah, ok" to blow him off. I hope I wrote down what he wanted me to do, so I can wait until the bleeding edge deadline where it would be impossible for any mortal to finish in time and then get started on it.

Ok, now the good stuff. My Barne's and Noble order shipped today, 8 days ahead of schedule. I can't wait to watch Requiem for a Dream again. Gary was right; it has become my favorite movie. Nudging The Big Lebowski down to 2nd. I also had some chess books in there.

Speaking of chess (shameless segue)...I finally...wait. I have to talk about my bike ride first. Otherwise there will be a continuity error. I, again, survived the 20 mile bike ride home from work on a busy highway, at night, in the rain. I feel a tangent coming...please...no..... What the fuck is wrong with people? I'm riding my bike at night...obviously wet...obviously tired. I mean, I'm doing something that most people consider brave, crazy, beneficial, and environmentally friendly all at the same time. I'm breathing pollution from cars....maneuvering around trash and debris pushed into my path by cars...wiping road-grit off of my face and out of my teeth from cars. I do it because I'm trying to make a difference in people's lives, not to mention my own. I do it because it's fun and different. And then some fuck-tard has to go and yell obscenities at me. As if I'm imposing somehow. I've heard "get off the road, asshole", "faggot", and others I couldn't really hear because of the country music being turned up too loud (what the fuck is the attraction to country?). So I decided I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to duct-tape a large rock to my handlebars and launch it at the first dipshit, low-self-image, Cheap-Cuts mullet-wearing, homophobic, misogynistic loser who opens his mouth. And I will laugh. Some may view this as an extreme measure to take, but you must understand, I've been putting up with these mouth-breathers my entire life and it's time I took a stand. Plus it's fun to write about.

So about the chess...I finally beat Haris. Despite feeling as though Satan had just scrubbed his ass with me before wringing me out (from the bike ride). I forgot to save the game, though, so I don't have any proof. Haris assures me that he will admit that I beat him. Plus, it gives me incentive to beat him again.

That is all.

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