Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I finally fixed Phoenix's GameBoy. Claus had gotten a hold of it and ruined one of the buttons with his carnivorous bite. I was pretty confident that I could fix it but there was one small problem. The screws holding the thing together require a #0 tri-wing screwdriver. These fucking screwdrivers are nearly impossible to find. I called everywhere: Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Tacoma Screw, and on, and on....

In desperation, I turned to ebay. Luckily people sell them there. I ordered one ($4 + $2 shipping). While I was waiting for delivery of the screwdriver I kept trying to make a screwdriver out of a nail head using my Dremel. I still hadn't been able to do it after 5-6 tries. These failures turned out to be helpful practice however because the screwdriver I ordered from ebay was so cheap, the tip broke off the first time I used it. So it was back to the Dremel. 2-3 more tries later and I had finally gotten good enough to fashion something that worked.

And you know what I did after I got the screws out? I slapped a cutting wheel on the trusty Dremel and cut a straight groove on the head of each screw. So if I ever have to open that fucking thing again, I can just use a standard screwdriver.

Eat me, Nintendo.

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