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So there's this cunt at work that's been making mine, and many others', life hell-lite by instituting all these new security policies. One of those policies is that we're supposed to swipe our badge at every reader. Even if the door is unlocked. Even if the person in front of you opens and holds the door open, you're supposed to identify yourself to the robot. I've always just kinda laughed at the stupidity and went along with my noncooperative business.

Fast forward to today...

I'm going into the mailroom to find a stapler that delivers as advertised. The dude walking in front of me swipes his badge, opens the door, and holds it open for me. I walk through and head to the mailroom. This guys yells out, "You're supposed to swipe your badge" in the same tone that teacher's pet in middle school used to say, "Mike's letting people copy his homework." I just went on my way hoping the guy would see that I was wearing headphones and assume I couldn't hear him when, really, I was just executing that age-old advice: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Of course, the guy couldn't just take a hint and fuck off. He said it again. Louder. I've still got my back to him hoping he'll just let it go so it doesn't get ugly.

As I'm leaving the mailroom he's blocking the doorway and says (almost crying) "You're supposed to swipe you badge when you pass a reader and if you ignore me again, I'll speak to your manager.

I just gave him this look

and pushed past him.

Afterward, I got to thinking that this fuckhead might have been the very person making these policies. Why else would noncompliance nearly bring him to tears? Or maybe it was just some fuckhead who honestly believes that I'm risking his safety and security by noncompliance.

I forsee many ounces of alcohol in my immediate future.

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