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Besides sexual frustration, depression, nicotine addiction, and poor self-image that seem to saturate my every waking thought, I decided to go for a 10-mile bike ride today. I woke up and the sun was shining. I've been meaning to get back on the two-wheeled, human-propelled, freedom machine for awhile. But with the rain and cold it hasn't been an attractive proposition.

It's not that I mind riding in the rain and cold. On the contrary I kind of enjoy the challenge of overcoming nature's adversity. But when I ride in the rain, the time required to maintain the machine is easily tripled.

So the sun was up. I had to pick up some Rx's. So I broke out the gear and hit the road. It felt pretty good; the bastard, backwoods, Chevy truckload of obscenity-shouting high-schoolers notwithstanding. What is it with people yelling obscenities at me while riding? I know I should just ignore it. But when I'm riding I am in a state of meditation. My mind focuses on core issues while my body propels the bike. I get lost in thought while I soak up the sun and oxygen. It is all ruined by some fuckhead who never taught their children to mind their own fucking business. What is their motivation for yelling at me? Am I passively threatening them in some way? I just don't understand this behavior. I mean, they're harshing my mellow. Ruining my high. I try to ignore it while, at the same time, wishing I had a brick or paintball to plant in their quarterpanel. God, that would feel good. You like ruining peoples' good times? See how you like repainting your fucking pickup truck, cockmaster. I swear to Christ I'm going to mount some kind of vehicle disabling weapon on my handlebars. If I could just get them to stop and get out, I'd be able to make them feel genuinely and actively threatened. These people need to be stopped before they breed.

I like this kind of anger. It is a welcome respite from the helpless desperation and lonliness that I've been feeling with increasing intensity and duration.

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