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Mmmm...vodka tonic

Projects I want to work on but I know, realistically, I will never start:
1. Write a vi clone for PalmOS (GPL of course)
2. washboard abs
82. learn to count
4. write a server side bookmarks/favorites/links manager (GPL of course)

Projects I want to work on that I might actually get started on:
1. write a FEN syntax checker/verifier in perl
2. get the belly-button lint out
2. get another vodka tonic

Stuff I don't do that I should:
A. Yoga
beta. Jog
7. talk to people
8. stretch before riding a bike 20 miles
;. eat vegetables
~. Hike
. save money

Stuff I do that I shouldn't:
s. drink Mt. Dew...lots of it
p. fall in love with technology
o. complain about work
n. stay up 'til 2, get up at 10
g. expect hollywood to make a good movie
e. Wild Turky

I pulled out my mutant facial hair a little while ago. They remind me of the scene in "The Fly" (Goldblum) where he has the thick rigid hairs growning out of his back except, in my case, they're on my face. The fun never ends.

I went to the car to change the oil today....then spent the next two hours methodically coming to a conclusion that it could wait until March. Went Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Safeway.

I wanted to get my biking "technical aparell" washed and hung up to dry. I wanted to take my bike apart to find what is making that grinding noise. I think it's because I used solvent to clean the rear-deraileur and messed up some bearings or something. Getting it apart is easy. Getting it back together and functioning is going to be...well...let me just say that mechanical things were never my strong suit.

Guess I'll put it off 'til tomorrow (that is going to be my epitaph)

Now I must finish my last vodka tonic and trust gravity to do it's job while I assemble my body into a horizontal position and press the "maintenance mode" button on my body-mind controller.


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