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Excerpt from a review of Y Tu Mam� Tambi�n by The Filthy Critic.

I don't like the cheap-ass nudity spoonfed to us by Hollywood pricks as though they're giving us a treat. Hollywood serves up female boobs like they're the main course in some fancy San Francisco restaurant. They make a big deal about it, only to deliver a giant empty plate with a tiny dollop of boobies surrounded by whittled radishes and artsy drizzles of sauce. Sure it looks expensive, but how the fuck are you supposed to fill up on that? Sometimes, you just want a big-ass hamburger. Nothing fancy, no pretension or self-conscious coyness, just a lot of sloppy meat. Y Tu Mam� Tambi�n presents sex like it actually happens: clumsy with bad lighting, a lot of fumbling and a lot of nudity. Not just women's breasts, but dicks and vaginas too. The sex isn't soft-focus, slo-mo gyrations to hit songs. They fall all over each other, grunt like pigs, and have stuttering breath. That's the stuff that give a guy a boner.

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