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Who wants some?

I'm currently accepting applications for sex partners.

Only those applicants that meet the following qualifications will be considered for the position:
Applicant must be able to provide evidence that you've been able to achieve orgasm in the past. You must be able to clearly point out that which will bring you closer to orgasm during the act of sex.

Applicant pays all travel expenses incurred for interviews and job duties.

Applicant agrees to provide phone-number, IM, and email address.

Applicant agrees to make reasonable accomodations to respond in a timely manner when called upon for sex.

Applicant agrees that employment is at will. These are booty-call only positions available on a first-cum, first-served basis.

Sex with Mike has been hailed:
"[sex with Mike is] mind blowing..."
"I had to put a pillow over my face so the neighbors wouldn't hear."
"Oh my fucking GOD!!!"
"[Mike's cock]is a wonderful size. Not to big; not too small with eye-watering girth!"

While having sex with Mike, you can expect:
Multiple Orgasms
Stimulation by tongue, mouth, hands, and penis.
Extensive use of foreplay
A variety of exciting positions

While all qualified applicants will be considered it should be noted that Mike has never met a male he has been attacted to.
Women and minorities strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply please reply to this message with Instant Messenger, email, or cell-phone number.

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