Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I started my day....

Wait. Let me back up.

I had fun this weekend. I got a bonus check so I got to eat out a couple of times. I got to buy a pair of jeans. I now have three whole pants!! I also splurged and got some contact lens juice, tire polish, and AAA batteries!! Somebody needs to hold this animal back! (alright, I'm done with the exclamation points...wait...one more...!)

I don't want this post to turn into a list of shit I bought but I have to mention one more thing. I bought a couple of GC games "for the kids". The first game I got is Animal Crossing. I've been wanting this game for awhile because I thought the kids and I would enjoy it. The other game I bought was some stupid Pokemon game. I was going to wait and give it to Phoenix for his birthday. But upon unveiling Animal Crossing we discovered that the ability to read was essential to the game-play. I felt bad because I didn't want Phoenix to miss out so I gave him the Pokemon game. WTF? It's a reading game too. I was trying to find a fighting game for him that wasn't rated "M for extreme violence, nudity, language, and barnyard animals". I'm pretty pissed that Phoenix can't really play either of them. He'll learn to read someday, I guess...

What else? We got invited to the neighbors' for drinks and burnt meat on Friday. I showed up a little bit st0nzord and I thought the lady of the house was annoyed at me for it. After discussing it with the beautiful and talented Corinne we came to the conclusion that she was annoyed at her husband.

Saturday we finished up some grocery shopping, dumped the kids off somewhere and went to the Murk. Corinne did a great job of keeping me surrounded by hotties and I made sure we had plenty of water handy. I'm not going to list all the people I encountered but I got to meet some nice new people and catch up with established acquaintances. You know who you are. I am honored to have shared space and time with you in a dark, smoke-filled basement. If you didn't make it, wow, you missed out. I did this thing where I sat there and I had this drink. It was fuckin' righteous.

Sunday I wanted to recover but upon waking and checking the weather I discovered that it would be the last nice day for awhile. So we loaded up the kids and dog and went to the beach (after checking the tide tables). Came home, hosed the little beasts off, had dinner. After the kids were safely tucked away in their beds we lay down. Just before dozing off I had an incredible urge to rip Corinne's clothes off and fuck her proper. So I did.



Today I wasted 4 hours commuting but I got to do my twenty-minute morning walk downtown between busses.

I know none of you will comment unless I post pictures. So here you go.


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