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I had several intertwined dreams about past friends and places. CJ was in Madison. I was taking a college class with him. But the classroom was the same as our 6th grade chemistry class with the wolfman. We were laughing and screwing around but I could see that he was concerned about something. I ignored it attributing the preoccupied behavior to his normal dark personality.

After class we were walking around town. Across the street from a McDonald's was an aircraft store selling personal VTOL aircraft. As we were walking by, one of them took off. Somebody was taking it for a test-drive. It took off nearly silently and just missed hitting the golden arches. I guess the takeoff wasn't vertical after all, but it was a sharp angle. While I was watching the takeoff, a customer walked out of the shop shaking hands with a salesman. As we was walking toward McDonalds I asked him if he bought one of the planes. He said yes. I told him that I thought they were really cool. He reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out 2 one-dollar bills and 1 five-dollar bill. He said, "If you had money you could get one. If you had alot of money you could get one to break and one to use. The more money you have, the more stuff you can break." Upon saying the word "break" an exited gleam came to his eyes. I decided this would be a great time to leave.

CJ had left sometime during this. I caught up with him at a gas station a few blocks ahead. He was walking swiftly with 2-3 other guys as if they had just committed some crime and were in "hurry up so we can lay low" mode. I started running with them.

We ran into a run-down looking apartment building. One of the guys was walking down the hall trying every doorknob looking for one that wasn't locked. He found one and we all went in. Thank God it was a vacant apartment and not just some poor sap forgetting to lock the door.

We hung out for awhile talked to the housekeeper when she came in. Then we left. As we were walking, CJ started breathing hard and, finally, collapsed onto the street. The other guys kept walking as if nothing had happened. I went back to help him. He was barely breathing, pale, and was covered in sweat. I asked, "What's wrong?" He said he was having problems because he had done too many drugs in his past. I took him to a hospital.

The nurse at the hospital knew him by name. She took him away to a room. When she returned, I asked her what was wrong with him. She told me he had bad kidneys.

Later that day I was sitting on a bunch of tires behind a gas station. I was talking to somebody but I can't remember who it was. Approaching me was a very good looking woman with dark, long hair and dark eyes. I knew her in the dream but I don't think she is anybody I know in "real life". While she was still approaching we greeted each other with "hi" and "how are you?". Approaching, still, she had reached, and passed, my comfort-zone threshold and barged right into my personal space. She was climbing on top of me (I was still laying on a pile of tires) massaging my pelvic region with hers. She whispered, "I'll fuck you for $50." I hesitated trying to read her face to see if she was joking or not. "Ok, then", she said, "$65." I said, "Make it $40 and you have a deal." I was joking, of course, but when she agreed I realized that she wasn't joking. Now what was I supposed to do? I had the beginnings of a healty erection and a willing reciever right on top of me. I declined as repectfully as I could because I knew that she was only going to do it for the money...and God knew what she was going to do with the money. I was feeling great, flattered that she had found me attractive. I didn't want to ruin this feeling by having cheap sex that she wouldn't enjoy because she was preoccupied with whatever she needed the money for.

Later...I guess a seperate dream, I was talking to NQ, one of the first girls I was ever attracted to. I don't remember what we were talking about. I kept getting distracted by how she was acting. She was trying to look everywhere at once and looked worried. Like somebody was after her and this somebody wasn't pleasant. She acted like this person could/would jump out at her at any instant. She had the beginnings of wrinkes around her eyes. Her face appeared as if it had worn this worried frown for a long time. She said something about a drug she was taking that her doktor told her would prevent eyesight loss from aging. I said, "That's great. You have always had stunning eyes and you should take care of them." Her expression changed instantly into a smile. It was now as if her face was incapable of making the worried, anxious expression. Her eyes got a little wetter and she asked, "Do you really think so?"...

I woke up.

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