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Took tha family to see Episode III today. I had already seen it on the company's dime but I wanted to see it with Wife-n-kids.

I'm in the process of refinancing my house. This is a lot easier than first time I had to get a mortgage. So by next month most of my money problems are going to evaporate. This pleases me.

I'm also thinking about looking for a new job. I've admitted to myself that I'll probably hate every job I ever have but I hope to at least get something closer to home. Wasting 10-20 hours a week commuting is slowly sucking what remaining will to live I have left.

In a little over a week kyle is flying in to join us for 4th of July festivities. I'm looking forward to it. Kyle is good people and the 4th is always a blast around here. He might want me to take him out on Saturday or Sunday (or both) so for those of you looking for a chance to spot me in the wild stay tuned. I'll be in rare form as Kyle has a tendency to bring out the crazy in me.

After the 4th, violet_rain and the kids are flying to two weeks in the lap of luxury in beautiful and exotic Wisconsin. I've decided not to go because I need a real vacation and driving for hours and hours with nothing to look at but farms and listening to kids complain is not my idea of a relaxing getaway. Since Wife-n-kids will be gone I'll have the rare opportunity to persue some activities that require long, uninterrupted attention sessions. Music studio, perhaps? Set up and configure all of the computers? Marathon masturbation? CD shopping? Install track lighting? Paint the roof? Fix the Metro? So many possibilities. Hopefully I'll get to do some of those things. What'll probably happen, though, is I'll probably miss the family so much that I'll get depressed and just sit around the house and drink beer and watch movies.

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