February 4th, 2002



When I grow up, I want to study brains. Brains are fascinating. My brain did a funny thing tonight. Actually, it's been doing the same funny thing for years but I only just discovered it tonight. And you, my beloved reader, are the first person I am sharing this discovery with.

I rented "The Fly" (1986) this weekend for the purpose of recording some samples from it. One sample that I've been meaning to get is the dialogue between Geena Davis's character, Veronica Quaife, and Jeff Goldblum's character, Seth Brundle:

Quaife: "You're getting worse."
Brundle: "I'm getting better."

I watched the film twice through without encountering this vocal intercourse. After quite a bit of searching, I've concluded that this dialogue is not in "The Fly" but is, after all, in "The Fly II". But here's the funny thing. Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum aren't even in "The Fly II". The original characters aren't even in it. But I specifically remember this dialogue being between Davis and Goldblum.

Here's my theory about what has happened here. "The Fly" is a classic; probably my favorite Cronenberg flick. It's not perfect, of course. No movie is perfect, except "Requiem for a Dream" or maybe a Kubrick movie or two. Of particular mention of the imperfections is the computer technology used. Sidenote: If I ever make a movie don't put computers in it. In ten years the attempt will be mocked. "The Fly II" pales in comparison to "The Fly" in terms of vision, character development, and plot. It's definitely not what I'd call a "bad" movie; I've seen much worse. But when placed sidewise with the first movie, "The Fly II" falls short in alot of areas. In fact, the dialogue I'm discussing is probably the only memorable part of "II". My brain has taken this 4-second gem from "II" and merged/associated it with the characters and plot of the first film because of my obvious preference of the first. And it has done so in such an intricate and detailed way that it has convinced me, for ten years, that this exchange took place between entirely different people.

The moral of this story is twofold:
Don't trust your perceptions
Write down the things that intrigue and touch you daily so you have a reference.
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I'm not sure if anybody's paying attention, but I finally made the effort to upload a suitable avatar. My wife has shrugged it off as being goofy and embarassing, which it might be, but I feel it performs the function of an avatar quite nicely. For those who don't understand the context of my use of the word "avatar", I recommend reading "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson. Anyway, this picture says that I am humble, have a good sense of humor, and I don't take myself too seriously. It also displays that I do not look good in sky blue.

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I love words with double-meanings. Words like "seconds", and "queer". When I start to write song lyrics, I'm going to use alot of double-meaning words. Post your favorite double-meaning word as a reply.

Diet Log

Here's what I ate today.

1 english muffin with ICBINB(I can't believe it's not butter)
1 banana
1 Mt. Dew
1 srv. Black Bean Chips
2 srv bean bacon soup
1 grilled cheese sandwich
1 cup lettuce salad w/1tbsp ranch

1355 calories
36 grams protein
49.5 grams fat
13.9 grams saturated fat
46 miligrams cholesterol
187 grams carbohydrates
3138 miligrams sodium (youch...maybe soup isn't good food)


This is my "Fat Day" diet again. I try to eat less than 1500 calories 6 days a week. I limit myself to 1 Mt. Dew a day. I do not eat lunch. I try to drink 6 glasses of water a day. Greasy snacks, pizza, fast food, ice cream, beer, etc. are off limits until "Fat Day". Fat day is my weekly release and motivation. I am free to eat any food, any quantity on "Fat Day".

I have arbitrarily chosen Friday as my "Fat Day". I can't wait 'til Friday :)

I did this diet a few years ago. I was doing warehouse work (read: Lifting Heavy Shit) 8-10 hours a day and only eating 1500 calories. My Fat Day then was the day I delivered pizza during the lunch hour. I would pig-out on pizza. I think I might have been jogging occasionally then, too. After a few months, I was noticing a difference. I wasn't able to eat as much on Fat Day and I wasn't as enthusiastic about Fat Day. When you don't eat fat for a long time, you can really notice the grease in Fritos and Pizza. It starts feeling gross in your mouth. I can't remember why I got off this diet. I think I got bored of pretzels and turkey mustard sandwiches every day. Plus I started having less time time to prepare healthy meals and I have more money so eating fast food doesn't seem like such a big deal(even though it is..eating out every day is the best way to remain poor and unhealthy).

Thought I'd give it another shot.


I was a weak, spineless, primate last night and binged on:
1 serving BBQ potato chips
1 S'mores granola bar
1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Bringing the totals to:

2040 Calories
77.5 grams Fat
19.9 grams Saturated Fat
46 miligrams Cholesterol
3772 miligrams Sodium
281 miligrams Carbohydrates
48 grams Protein

Based on 2,000 calorie diet...I did ok except for sodium. But since I'm shooting for 1500 calorie diet, I've got some will-power to muster.