April 15th, 2002


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As I sit here listening to Leæther Strip while watching streaming lesbian porn....I contemplate this:

Technology might resemble the Christian prophesy of the anti-Christ; if you subscribe to such literature. There are religions that are suspicious and cautious with technology. But they are hypocrites and not true believers. You can thank american "freedom" for infiltrating these interesting peoples' way of life.

I think it shows something cool about the Bible. Disregarding whether it's true or not, I like the way it has a good way of describing patterns of civilizations. Deciding Whether it's true or not requires the test of the discovery of alien existence; which may or may not happen.

I think the conflict of man vs. technology is well-depicted in both Terminator 2 and the Matrix. If you ignore the standard Hollywood fuck-ups, you see a bleak and epic struggle against enemies that we created; things that we are accustomed to controlling. The technology becomes self-aware and doesn't appreciate being enslaved by lesser creatures.

I'm a technology glutton. So I'll probably be on their side.

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