June 4th, 2002


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Yesterday I rode my bike to Everett to sign up for a class. It felt good to be on my bike again. I found out that I did a really good job on the English portion of my assessment test. This is good because I'm probably going to major in English. I signed up for Speech 101; I don't know why. It was about the only credit class that fit into my schedule and I assume I'll need it for my degree. I'm not really worried about the degree. If I end up taking credits that don't transfer I don't care. I'm just taking classes so I can keep my brain in shape and maybe increase my contact with the human population that generates so much anxiety. Face your fears "they" say. At the rate of 1 class/quarter, it's going to take 20+ years to get my MIS anyway. What's an extra 3-4 months?

As soon as I entered the building to sign up for my class, a guy walked up to me and just started talking to me like he was continuing a conversation we'd started earlier. Or as if I had asked him what he was doing there. He was telling me how his "friend" was going to help him get his masters degree in Archeological Astronomy. He said his "friend" had a similar degree and was the top in her field. I asked him what Archeological Astronomy was. He said it was the study of civilization's interaction with alien cultures throughout history.

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