July 20th, 2002


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When I woke up, I gave my son a kiss and hug. He said "Daddy, you smell like lunch."

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I should've told him to eat me :)
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I went bowling yesterday after work as part of an assignment for my communication class. We're supposed to pair up with a classmate, meet 4 times, and write a paper about the experience. We didn't do much communicating. My first game I bowled a 132. Second game, 74. Third game, 103. I suck.

Afterward, I went to Guitar Center to get a stand for my snare drum. I got there 30 minutes too early so I killed time at the military surplus store. I bought a fishing vest, light sticks, a dental mirror, and a slingshot. I went back to Guitar Center and ended up waiting 2 hours because some dude was trading in an acoutic set and buying a new one. He had his family in tow. His wife had the final say in every decision (she probably makes the money). Luckily there was another patron there that was playing on every set while we waited. He was fucking awesome.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to my boring life...Collapse )
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