October 1st, 2002


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Damn! I haven't updated in awhile. Maybe these antidepressants are working; nothing to bitch about.

Well, here's what I've been up to.

  1. Setting up Debian GNU/Linux boxes. I have officially started the migration away from all Microsoft products (at home). I have a desktop and two laptops running Debian GNU/Linux now. I'll be tweaking them for the rest of my life.

  2. I'm reading In the Beginning Was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson. It's an essay about operating systems and is very interesting. Of particular note is Stephenson's theory that GNU/Linux wouldn't exist without Microsoft.

  3. I got some t-shirts I've been wanting for a long time.
    • "Your favorite band sucks" -- theonion.com

    • "I just love corporations" -- theonion.com

    • "I don't work here" -- thinkgeek.com

  4. Other than that, just trying to get laid as often as possible.

Future plans:

I really need to lose weight and get in shape. My bike is calling for me. None of my clothes fit.