October 7th, 2002


Movie Reviews

I rented three movies this weekend. Kissing Jessica Stein, Amélie, and Changing Lanes.

Kissing Jessica Stein sucked ass. Jessica Stein is played by some lady that studied at the Jennifer Anniston School of Acting. I'm supposed to believe that intelligent, attractive, modern, Jewish women act this way? Jesus. Take a valium. I'd write this off as a chick-flick, but my wife didn't like it either. It could still be a chick flick. It certainly has all the elements: 1)very little nudity 2)token funny gay guys 3)drama at the dinner table. I'm glad I only payed a dollar to rent it.

Amélie affected me about how I predicted it would. Normally the French language annoys me. Like, why the fuck is oix pronounced "wah"? Shouldn't it be "oycks"? Anyway, I didn't notice the french as much because the camera work, cinematography, and lead actress were all stunningly beautiful. This movie reminded me of The City of Lost Children. Except Amélie is the yin to that yang. After initially making this post I found that The City of Lost Children and Amelie were both directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. That would explain the similarities. The bright, cheery sets and subtle humor are what made this movie shine for me. I can now safely admit that I'm turning into a film geek. I've seen two foreign films this year and liked them both (The Devil's Backbone being the other). Plus I'm looking forward to Y Tu Mamá También.

Changing Lanes was surprisingly good. Better than I thought it would be, anyway. Where I was expecting useless attempts at suspense and some witty dialogue from Samual Jackson, I found an exploration of right and wrong. I enjoyed that the plot focused more on the human struggle with conscious than on exposions and SFX. And, of course, there was some witty dialogue from Samual Jackson. I'd recommend seeing this.

(no subject)

Wife said something that pissed me off this morning. She said that she'll give me more blowjobs when I can play drums like Dave Lombardo. I read his bio. He started playing drums the year I was born. He played for 10 years before starting Slayer. That means I have to practice 8 hours a day for ten years before I'm deemed sexy enough to be given blowjobs.

Fuck that. It'll be faster and easier to find a girlfriend.

I'm still going to keep practicing...

(no subject)

I just found out that my high school choir teacher died a couple of weeks ago. She was often my only source of inspiration and comfort during my troubled adolescence. Her husband is also wonderful. He was my middle school band teacher.

These two people are most responsible for my life-long love of music. And now one of them is gone.

I am so sad.

For years I've been wanting to write them a letter thanking them for believing in me and for having such a positive affect on my life. I talked myself out of it because I thought they would think it was creepy. Now I regret never thanking her.

I feel like a piece of my foundation has cracked. I spent more time with Mrs. Miotke than I spent with my mother. I missed her funeral.

September is now officially my least favorite month. It is the reminder that the cold is coming. Warmth and comfort are leaving.