October 12th, 2002


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I just played, like, 5 straight hours of Starcraft. One level. I still haven't obtained victory. This game has the power to melt hours away. It's kind of like when you're driving and, all of a sudden, you realize that you are 30 miles further but you don't remember those 30 miles.

The game hypnotizes. It mesmerizes. It's a complete waste of time. I should feel guilty because right now is not a good time to be wasting time. But wasting time on Starcraft is not only fun but it is also therapeutic and meditative.

Not much has been happening. I ordered about 20 books on various subjects surrounding MIDI and drumming. This action was necessary because Kyle saw my wish list and bought me the Oxygen 8 MIDI controller. So now I have to actually learn how to use it because I know Kyle will ask how I'm progressing with my music every time I talk to him. It's nice to have somebody be supportive and motivating. It's exactly what I need. Winter is coming. Expect to see links to music by spring (assuming I can figure out how to sequence, record, sample, drum, and write songs by then). I've just got to find 1 hour each day to practice.

I'm thinking seriously about concentrating on getting back in shape again. I put on a flannel shirt I wore last winter. It was baggy then. It's tight now. I thought having a dog would motivate me to at least walk for 30 minutes each day. What I didn't realize, however, is the dog I got is a desert dog. He's more of a pussy about the cold than I am. We bought Claus a camouflage jacket. Hopefully that will be enough. I think if I warm him up with a light game of fetch inside and use the jacket, he won't mind the cold so much.

Here's the rough plan for getting back in shape. Priority #1 is improving my diet. I need to stop drinking a sixpack of Mt. Dew every day. I will substitute water. I also need to quit binging on pizza and burgers every other day. Once a week, at most. I need to eat more vegetables. This is a challenge because I don't like vegetables. I can handle brocoli and lettuce. I will eat as much of these as I can. I will also supplement with Superfood.

Priority #2: Exercise. I need to get back on my bike and ride the motherfuck out of it. Claus should be able to help me start jogging in the morning if I can find a way to keep him warm in the morning. I'm thinking I'll jog for 30 minutes every morning. Then I'll either ride my bike to work (2 hours) or do some pushups and situps.
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