October 16th, 2002


This is for Kyle and Corinne. The only people still reading my journal.

A puppy followed me home yesterday when I was walking Claus. I tried squirting it with my Super Soaker™ to get her to fuck off but she persisted at a safe distance. When I got home I called 9-1-1 and told them I wanted animal control to come and get her. They asked if she was vicious and I said "no". They told me that Animal Control would open at 8:00am; call then. So I brought the little cur into my kitchen. How was I thanked? A 5-inch diameter puddle of green vomit. That dog slept outside in my backyard last night. The Sheriff picked her up this morning.

I've been on-call the past two days. No sleep.

I got a new toy in the mail. A Logitech IR remote from Ebay. I read the newspaper it was packed in. The Miami Herald.

I wish women would just automatically know that I want to see their bare ass and comply.

I am going to teach myself how to play the drum part for the song "We're In This Together" by Nine Inch Nails this weekend.

Session 9 is a relaxing movie.

Your pussy wants my touch.