October 31st, 2002


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I finally got my "song" converted into a semi-portable format. It's not really a song; it's just 8 bars I recorded while I was fucking around with my drums and my new keyboard. I thought it sounded kinda cool.

(875 kb)Here it is. It is in the Ogg Vorbis format. Winamp 2.8 and higher should be able to play it. If you want an mp3...forget about it. A Big Evil Corporation holds the patent for mp3 encoding and decoding and is being greedy and, in the process, smothering innovation. Beside that fact, vorbis has higher quality with smaller file sizes compared to mp3.

The sound quality in this file isn't very good. But it's not bad considering I recorded it on a handheld device designed for voice recording. Once I get a PC into my "studio" I'll be able to record with more quality.