January 24th, 2003


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Whew! What a week.

I finally got some things accomplished at work.

I had some of the best sex in my life.

Last night I went to the Mercury. There was hardly anybody there. The music was good. I did a bad thing. I got sloppy drunk. Puking drunk. I had 3 double gin+tonics and a long island tea. And fuck me those drinks were strong. Since I went by myself and didn't know anybody there all I could really do was sit and drink. By the time I started feeling the first drink I was working on the fourth. Ugh. Somehow I made it home without killing myself or anybody else. I lay down and started spinning. I decided to get up to hydrate myself and found that I couldn't walk very well. I remembered how to walk just when I realized I was about to blow chunks. I was still fucked up when I woke up. It'll be a long time before I do that again. No more going out by myself. Which really means no more going out :(