January 25th, 2003


(no subject)

I went to see Two Towers again with my beautiful wife. It was her first time seeing it; my second. I still didn't understand some of the story but, oh, the eye candy!

Afterward, we went to the porn shop and rented Taboo 2001. I don't know why, but I find Nicole Sheridan extremely fucking hot. She has a weird face and fake boobs (which I don't normally like) but something about her stirs me. Maybe it's her hight.

The movie was ok.

Tomorrow, I'm going to make a huge breakfast of ham and cheese omelettes, chocolate-chip waffles and hashbrowns. I love big breakfasts.

Afterward I'm going to do my finances. That should be fun...I haven't payed much attention for a week or more. That usually ends up meaning I have less money than I think I do. I don't worry about money much though.