February 6th, 2003


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Had a pretty busy day yesterday. Corinne volunteered at the school in the morning so I hung out with Phoenix until she got home. I also took out the garbage. Then I went to work for a few hours and had a chalupa at Jalisco for lunch.

After lunch, I drove to Seattle. I had to go to the computer parts store to get a case fan, cpu fan, and 300w power supply for Mandrake.

Next I stopped at Wal-Mart to get a stocking cap, shower curtain, and a big shipping box. I walked out with two bandanas, a shower curtain, and The Cell on VHS.

Last stop, porn shop.

Then I went home and watched the kids while Corinne ran some errands. I put in "See Spot Run" for the kids and I tore Mandrake apart to put all the new shit in it. Corinne hasn't been able to sleep with Mandrake in the room because it's been sounding like a WWII motorcycle with a sidecar. So I upgraded the power supply and put in the new Athlon and the new CPU fan. I threw out the old case fan and put the new one in.

After that I had to pack up the NES and game paks to send to the factory for an overhaul. The kids are jonesing for their NES; poor little insects.

I fell asleep while watching The Cell and after having a shot of Jameson Irish and a Tanqueray+tonic.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that I finally got the Tenacious D album. Thank Rod for Jack Black.

Also, I've been having alot of dreams about my dog. My dog helps me kick ass in my dreams.

I feel like going out to the Mercury tonight, but I can't find anybody that wants to go with me. Going alone is right out.

Legalize it.
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