March 7th, 2003


My husband's mash potatoes ROCK

Well, this has been an interesting week.

Corinne got a couple of her wisdom teeth forcibly removed on Tuesday. I took the week off work so I could take care of her. She handled it a lot better than I expected. I, on the other hand, did not fare as well. By Wednesday I was burned out. It seemed like all I was doing was preparing food, cleaning up after meals, and feeding the dog. Ugh. The kids got on my nerves real quick too.

I ran some errands yesterday. I had to get out of the house for awhile. Corinne said she could handle Jade so I took Phoenix to Marysville.

I first stopped at Staples. When we arrived in the parking lot, I saw that Phoenie had fallen asleep. Realizing that this was my first real break for two days, I sat in the car and talked to Kyle on the phone for an hour or so. I finally woke the little dude up and we went inside to purchase a new Logitech optical mouse and a couple pairs of scissors.

Next we went to Haggen. I needed to pick up some pineapple and baby corn because I planned on making stir-fry for dinner. I ended up getting cookies too. I also got a small saucepan and a medium frying pan. All the cooking I was doing made me realize that we needed some new cookware and Haggen was having a special. I forgot to get gyoza/wonton/potsticker things.

Last stop was Home Depot. In an effort to try to reduce my monthly expenditures, I needed to pick up some mini flourescent bulbs. I had brought along some fixtures to make sure the bulbs would fit. I also picked up a 30' tape-measure because my other one went missing. I probably dropped it under the house a couple years ago when I was wiring cat5. Speaking of cat5, I also picked up a bag of RJ-45 connectors. I needed to make some longer network cables because I moved the livingroom computer desk closer to Corinne's art table so she could listen to mp3/ogg's on the headphones while she worked. By the time we were done, I noticed it was 6pm. Too late to get started making dinner. I got drive-thru.

I mentioned that I'm trying to reduce monthly expenditures. So far I've signed up for equalized payments for electricity. Basically, they take your yearly average use and divide by 6. This will work out better since the payment will always be the same. I also changed my garbage service to a smaller garbage can. And...I refinanced the auto loan. The only other cuts I can think of are my $5/month subscription to IsaVision and my 6 static IP addresses. I doubt I'll get rid of the porn subscription. It's cheap and gets the job done. The 6 IP's are $15/month. Since T-Mobile upgraded the VPN, I don't need an additional IP to access the work network. The new client works through my firewall. So I don't really have a reason the keep the IP addresses. I might think of a reason to keep them.

All of this is yeilding about a $60/month savings(if I get rid of the IP's). Quitting the nicotine is going to save about $200/month after I get off the patch. Then I'll be able to attack my Discover Card balance with reckless abandon. After that's paid off, I'm going to see about getting the Geo fixed so I have a cheaper commuter car and so Corinne can have a car while I'm at work. I also intend to hire myself a personal trainer to get my fat ass in shape.

What else...? Oh, I started reading A Clockwork Orange. I have yet to fill out my tax forms. I've been getting a jungle-sized bug up my ass to make music again. I've also been thinking of starting to play pool regularly.

Right now, I'm enjoying a margarita and one of Corinne's oxycodone pills while I fire up Quicken and update the finances.
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