March 28th, 2003


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Nothing much new.

Today(yesterday) I woke up and had a rather pleasant time with my family. Most days my family represents work to be done, frustration, confinement. But this was one of those rare occasions that I felt at ease. I felt in love with my wife, my daughter, my son, and my dog. I bitch alot about the responsibilities of having a family but I fear to think about where I'd be without them. Maybe I got married too young. Maybe I had kids too soon. But, damnit, these are the coolest, funniest, most interesting, and beautiful people I've ever known. And once in awhile, I'm able to step outside myself and acknowlege that I am a truely lucky man.

... then the clock starts ticking.

I sat down and re-encoded my new Covenant and Croc Shop albums and burned the songs to a mini-CD to play on my RipGo. This was all a redo because I forgot, last time, to include Joliet extensions when I was making the ISO9660 filesystem.

After that was done, I took a shower and went to work. On the way, I splurged and got a grande raspberry mocha. I filled my stamp-card so I guess I get a freebie the next time I stop. As a funny side-note...I noticed some time ago that the coffee place I frequent doesn't sell coffee. They sell sexual fantasies. Even the stamps on the cards are lipstick kisses. The baristas seem like they'd be right at home moonlighting as strippers. The coffee is just a front. That's probably why I'm more loyal to this particular stand.

At work, I didn't really do much work. I did, however, happen to corner Rod for 5 minutes. I learned more about X and unix from him in that 5 minutes than what would've taken me 3-4 weeks to learn. I should make it a habit to bother him more.

I ate lunch at Thai Family Restaurant with Isaiah. I had Chicken Phad See-Iew, 3=star spicy. Mmmmm. I'd probably like vegetables a hell of a lot more if I'd grown up around this kind of food.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon drooling over the Neuros Audio Computer. It is everything I could ever ask for in a portable music player. I just know I'm going to be spending the rest of 2003 trying to talk myself out of spending $500 and getting one.