April 22nd, 2003


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I got my Geo Metro working on Sunday. I spent around $300 in parts. It would've cost at least twice that to have a mechanic do it. It was pretty easy, too. All it really took was confidence and time. It's an incredibly satisfying feeling to bring a car back to life. Now I need to find a pizza delivery job so I can afford the trip to Wisconsin in June.

I've officially reached middle-age according to my wife. She confided this to me after I demonstrated to her the awesome cutability of my new weedwhacker. I must've had some maniacal look of glee on my face. I've always wanted my own weedwhacker. I LOVE power tools.

I ordered a bunch of shit from Barnes & Noble. Why B&N and not Amazon you ask? Because B&N doesn't charge sales tax, has free shipping, and will let you return items to any store. I finally broke down and joined the Reader's Advantage club. I buy enough books a year to at least break even, I think. If not it will be more incentive to use books as gifts. Here's what I ordered:
Subaru Legacy, 1990-1998: Includes Legacy Outback and Legacy Brighton
Haynes,Robert Maddox,J. H. Haynes/TRADE PAPER

Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with Your Wonder-Full Self!

Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Bodycare for Every Body
Dina Falconi,Alan McKnight (Illustrator),David Goldbeck (Photographer)/TRADE PAPER

Private Eyes
Zabriskie, Grace/VIDEO, VHS FORMAT

Carlyle, Robert/VIDEO, VHS FORMAT

Freak Perfume
Diary of Dreams/COMPACT DISC

Project Pitchfork/COMPACT DISC

 True Romance

I should've gotten a couple more books. Next time...