October 7th, 2003


Lyrics I wish I'd written

day in and day out
you are moving
you are standing
head in the clouds
acting without emotion
you are waiting
you are saving
holding all back
hating life for the weather
on a weekend
free chosen feelings
are raining back
down on you
your cage is too small for you

here comes the army of light
open your heart – there will be no fight
the sword is the word – which brings you the truth
the flame is the light inside your eyes
here comes the army of light
open your mind – there is the fight
the sword is the word – revealing the truth
the pain comes from the lies
you hide inside
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    Project Pitchfork - Lightwave

More Project Pitchfork

I bought Project Pitchfork's album, Inferno, a few months ago after falling in love with Diaminion. At first I didn't really care for any of the songs but the album stayed in frequent rotation mostly because I'm too lazy to burn more CDs. And a funny thing happened one day; I found myself humming the vocoder harmony to The Deepest Place.

8x FF>> to now...

I can't stop listening to the album. Last week I listened to a loop of Lightwave, A Cell, Your Cut Feather, and The Deepest Place for hours and hours.

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I'm in really rough shape. I've been feeling very angry, depressed, and frustrated lately.

Yesterday I really flipped out while driving home. Some dude in the car in front of me stopped in the middle of the road to let a bunch of people make their turns out of a parking lot. No big deal...except one of the people coming out of the parking lot wouldn't fit into the lane until the light changed. So the dipshit just sat there, perpendicular in the lane, blocking traffic, while he waited for the light to turn. I freaked. I rolled down my window and started yelling at the guy to back his fucking car up back into the parking lot and wait his turn. He tried to ignore me at first but when I opened my door and made as if to get out he finally saw a hole and accelerated into it.

Not 4 minutes later, I was merging onto 405 at Canyon Park. Anybody who is familiar with traffic flow in the area knows that traffic usually slows down near the ramps. As I was about to merge, the car behind me speeds up and closes the gap between him and the car in front of me; deliberately preventing me from merging. So here I am, driving on the shoulder and trying to merge while this mouth-breathing knuckle dragger is intentionally preventing me from merging. I lost it. I rolled down my window and started yelling "Let me the fuck in, asshole!" and started swerving as if I was going to ram him. He didn't get the hint so I threw a can of soda at his car and found another gap. I wanted to do more but I had precious cargo.

I'm usually a "live and let live" type of person. In fact, I'm usually pretty passive but, for some reason lately, I've gone to the other polar extreme. The more I think about it the more I reveal that the reason is my own self-loathing.