January 13th, 2004


Phone Post: Oral intake of gaseous substance via hand-operated delivery device

51K 0:13
“<00:00 three taps in quick succession on a tonal surface>
<00:01 very quiet breathing/swallowing noise>
<00:03 click of lighter>
<00:04 6 seconds of liquid bubbling as though some gaseous substance were being sharply inhaled through same via perhaps a lightweight cylindrical apparatus with an intake valve or similar toward the lower end>
<00:10 noise floor, soft white noise background>”

Transcribed by: gbryal

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I need to get a couple of things off my chest. Well...if you count my man boobs...I need to get 4 things off my chest. Ignoring my bitch-tits for the moment:

Point 1: gbryal, you fucking rule. You're like a god that fucks up once in awhile. In fact, if I wasn't as slothful as I am, I'd start a church under the ULC umbrella. I'd call it The Church of Gabriel.

Point 2: I got my MiniMusic Software(you know, for kids) a couple of days ago. It puts the ss in badass. Now I can almost sound like a real musician. Pictures forthcoming.