January 14th, 2004



I guess my freeshell.org account has a transfer quota. So I guess I won't be posting any more 17mb files. What I'll do from now on is record to wav instead of on-the-fly mp3 encoding, cut out the bad parts(silence, repetition), and then just compress the highlights.

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It's still warm.
It's on the bathroom floor.
It thrills my heart to see you walking toward it.

I get some on my finger tips
and wipe it on the cat.

But not all of it;
I save some to wipe on you.
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Somehow, I managed to fuck up my Discover Card payment reminder in Moneydance. I put payment due date as 3/22/2005 instead of 1/12/2004. Imagine my surprise when I look at my fresh new statement today and see a nice $35 late fee. I also found that my "special" balance transfer rate has expired (has it been six months already?) so on top of the $35 late fee they tacked on an $80 finance charge. Lovely.

That's not the end.

These unexpected debits pushed my balance over the limit so I'll probably have a huge fucking over-limit fee tomorrow.

All because I fat-fingered a fucking date.

I used to be so good at managing the finances.
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Phone Post: Fun With Seratonin

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“The title of this post is "Fun with Seratonin."

I think I've chosen the wrong week to go off my depression medication, umm, there's that situation with my Discover card which leaves me with no money for the rest of the week, umm, so, I won't be able to go to Kold War tomorrow night. Which isn't really that big of a deal because I can drink Manhattans and listen to good music at home ,but I
don't get the same suspicious stares, uh at home as I do at Mercury.

Umm, just about out of weed, I've got a friend beginning to go through a nasty divorce (is there any other type of divorce?)

I've got another, another friend that is severely depressed, umm... on the bright side my wife has been, umm, very... AMOROUS lately, so that's, that's a good thing.

Umm, other than that I don't have much else to report, uh, maybe look forward to another mp3 by me tonight...

Umm, this has been a dumb post, brought to you by <lj user=digigasm>.”

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