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Text Offender's Journal
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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

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Yay. I'm posting this from the recently ressurected ripper. Longtime fans may know that 'ripper' is my PC that I dedicated to music production and is destined to deliver heavy sequencing and track recording duties.

That's the plan anyway...

The hard part is that I refuse to run a Microsoft OS on it. I tried getting a powerbook but I just couldn't get into the mac stuff. So that left BeOs or Linux. Be, inc made some stupid mistakes and got this beautiful technology extincted. So that leaves Linux.

I've tried Gentoo, Debian, and Demudi with some successes but mostly failures. I'm now using my shiny-new Planet CCRMA-enhance Fedora Core 1 installation. I haven't tried to use any of the audio apps yet but, so far, everything is working nicely.

I think I'll tackle the apps another day. I've been up since midnight. Time to go to "work."

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