March 4th, 2004


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I have an odd habit about which I'd like to confess.

I read Text Offender's Friends every day (and what a fine cross-section of humanity, I must say) and I reply to almost every entry. But instead of hitting "Post Comment" I cancel.

...Because I'm a dork.


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    Morningwood Cemetery - March of the Dorks

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You may not like it
They can never make you agree
You may be forced to do it
but in your mind you're free

You will form communities
with indentical beliefs
and as your numbers swell
your power will increase

You may not live to see the day
when your ideal
becomes real
but your work can pave the way
for marching
in rhythm

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...Damn I love that word.

It's like a tangible thing. A precious thing that you are born with. A thing you are forced to spend--a little bit every day.

A thing you are wasting right now!