March 17th, 2004


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M.I.K.E.: Machine Intended for Killing and Exploration

D.I.G.I.G.A.S.M.: Digital Intelligent Guardian Intended for Galactic Assassination and Scientific Mathematics

M.I.C.H.A.E.L.: Mechanical Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Assassination and Efficient Learning

G.O.D.: Galactic Observation Device

J.E.S.U.S.: Journeying Entity Skilled in Ultimate Sabotage

B.U.S.H.: Biomechanical Unit Skilled in Harm

In world news...

I tried to fight it but, like everybody eventually, I could not resist the synthesizer might. I ordered DISCIPLINE and "while I'm here spending money" a shirt and some stickers to use to perplex drive-thru patrons.
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An animal's will
and an animal's claws
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