June 30th, 2004

neil of fallon

Eager Anticipation

The 4th fast approaches and promises to bring many exciting things.

My good buddy, kyle, is one such thing. Just thinking about all the fun and dangerous stuff we're gonna do...

happy retard

But what I can't get my mind off of is the Clutch concert.

I was introduced to Clutch by a friend of violet_rain a year or two after Jade was born. This friend had sent us a mix tape with a few Clutch songs (from their self-titled album) intermixed with some Skold and I don't even remember what else.

For awhile I only had these few songs: Spacegrass, Escape from the Prison Planet, and (I think) Texan Book of the Dead.

Right around this time I started listening to WORT 89.9 FM on Monday nights. Check out this kickass radio lineup. 8-11pm Something Wonderful - Industrial and other assorted electronica, 11-2am Moshpit - Metal, 2-5am Free format (mostly rock, grunge, metal)

The 2-5 DJ, Lucas, Prince of Darkness, expanded my Clutch exposure by feeding me small doses every week.

After a few months of this and buying the album I liked Clutch enough to go'n see 'em. I got my opportunity on March 7th, 1998 at The Rave in Milwaukee. Instant fan. Their live show is unique and electric.

In May of the same year we went camping in Louisiana for a couple weeks. On the way back we decided to "swing by" Austin, TX to visit gbryal. I found out when we arrived in Austin that Clutch was playing the next night. We decided not to go the show because we were tired from camping and traveling. We did, however, end up in the park across the river from the venue. Standing in that park next to the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue hearing Clutch soundtest is one of my most vivid memories from that trip.

I got to see them again in 2001. This time at First Ave in Minneapolis. Again, they did not disappoint.

And now, 2004, Year of the Performing Legends, I get to see them again.

So what's to like?

Well...lyrics, for one. Lyrics that are intelligent without being geeky. Words chosen for both their rhythmic and emotional qualities delivered, at high speed, through Neil Fallon's leathery vocal cords. Lyrics sprinkled with vivid imagery about monster trucks, world travel, pirates, space travel, and aliens.

How 'bout a helping of drums? Some of the hardest rocking and inventive drumming you're likely to find. Jean-Paul Gaster is my favorite drummer of all time.

But it's not just the talent. It's also the attitude. These guys aren't cock rockers. They're just a bunch of regular dudes making a living performing on the road. They don't take themselves too seriously. Their humility and confidence are refreshing.
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