May 20th, 2005


Bad Vibe Last Night

Traffic on I-90 was a swiling vortex of nightmare suckitude last night so I didn't make it to the Monkey until closer to eight o'clock.

When I arrive I find my regular bartender isn't there.

There was some stupid basketball game on and the jukebox was turned off. I was going to leave but a couple of my friends talked me into staying. I agreed to stay on the condition that I wear my headphones so I can listen to music.

My game started out really good but because of the other bullshit I drank more and faster than I should. I was defeated by eleven o'clock. Left after midnight.

At home I am greeted by a feverish and whimpering Phoenix. Made a quick dash to the store for children's Tylenol.

Passed out my smoke-stinkin' carcass next to violet_rain.
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