June 27th, 2005

Bubble Girl #1

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Did some grocery shopping with the family. Grilled brats for lunch. Afterward, I took Jade to the Everett mall to get her reward for keeping her room clean for an entire week. She worked hard for that Orlando Bloom poster godblesser. I decided at the last minute to attend onyxaurora's b-day party with Corinne. It was nice meeting the birthday girl. I forgot to administer the spankings but I got some hot hug action before we left ;) Merc. Home. Pay the babysitter. Sleep.


Sunday is Mike Shaving Day. I shaved my head. Corinne and I signed refi papers. I'm sure there was a bunch of other stuff that happened...I was a little foggy.

This week is going to be a long one. It's the last week before my vacation. I was able to trade on call responsibilities so my vacation won't be interrupted.

Speaking of vacation....the only thing I have planned so far is riding/camping with some motorcycle club I was invited to on Saturday the 9th. I'd like to plan some more social activities. Anybody want to do something July 7th through 17th? I won't have complete freedom because I forgot that I'll still have to take care of my orange baby puppy dog. But I'm free for outside activities during the day and I can kennel the beast at night.

One thing I'd like to do is shop for clothes. I need to get some business casual type stuff for work and I want to get a couple of "going out" outfits. One problem. I am terrible at shopping for clothes. What I'd really like is to have a neutral third-party come with me and pick stuff out for me to try. Any of you interested in helping a fashion retard? I'll buy lunch.

Alright....just...gotta...make...it...through this week. Must retain sanity.