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Text Offender's Journal
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Thursday, April 20th, 2006

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My letter to the Editor of the Lake Stevens Journal in response to this week's editorial and one of the letters to the editor.

Dear Editor,

Page 2 of last week's Journal left me quite concerned. The editorial and first letter to the editor were complaints. One complained about the traffic on the trestle and the other complained about gas prices.

I hate to break it to you but fossil fuels are an unrenewable resource. Eventually gas prices are going to be so high that only the filthy rich will be able to afford it. The traffic problem will take care of itself. Why not consider real alternatives.

May is Bike to Work month and there is a great bike path underneath the trestle. You could ride your bike to Everett Station and bus the rest of the way to work. Every person that chooses to ride from Lake Stevens to Everett will be one less car on the trestle. If half the people that normally drive the trestle take the bike path I bet the traffic jam on the trestle would disappear overnight.

Why not spend the $450 million on something with a future?

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