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Are you ready for the new sensation?

Whew. The whirlwind begins.

Wednesday through Saturday I was on call for my job. Being on call is much like guard duty was in the army. Everybody hated doing it but everybody agreed that it was essential for security. Boring, sleepless, irritating. For seventy-two hours. There was one oasis in a sea of corptech suckitude.

The God Module show , on Thursday, turned out to be pretty awesome. I went on a whim; a lark, if you will. I don't listen to GM. I don't know anything about GM. I was randomly downloading recommendations and managed to end up with a GM song. I don't even remember the song name but I remember liking it. Alas this file was lost(it fought real hard) during the Great Data Rot of '02 and I guess I just never got around to listening to an album. But when a band you've heard of and liked is playing nearby for ten dollars USD it's a no-brainer. Despite having to take work-related calls and even firing up the ol' lappy for good measure I had a good time. Number one, I had taken the bus to the Monkey Pub to do the regular Thursday Monkey Pub hangout thing. The intention was to go to the Monkey, drink a few brews, play some poker...maybe some pool and then go to the Vogue.

I fucked up the bus times. In my head...the times were jumbled...in my HEAD!! In MY head?!@

I had violet_rain drop me off at the station ten minutes too late (or fifty minutes too early if you swing that way). I could've used cellular technology to recall my wife unit but I remember something my father once told me*..."Son," he said, "When life hands you lemons, you put those lemons in a sock and beat the shit outta life and take it's lunch tickets." I didn't know what it meant at the time(I'm still fuzzy on that last part) but his advice really helped me in this situation. I walked two blocks to a strip mall containing a Subway and a neighboring Washington State approved liquor store. Ordered a pint of Jim Beam. Ordered a six-inch steak and cheese, small diet Coke, individual serving of Nacho Doritos. When I paid for my dinner the young woman behind the register told me I had enough points to buy the store. Had I been quicker with the tongue I should've asked if the underage fuck-bunnies come with it or do you know if you can fit in a suitcase but I needed strong drink, goddamnit and my head wasn't in the moment. Ate the food. Drank half the drink. Filled the paper cup void with Jimmy. Like a bow stretched into the "on" position I was ready for the next phase. Let fly the arrows!

This strip mall is on the bus route so I only had to navigate across the parking lot to board my bus with my perfectly innocent looking small Subway beverage, my bag, my cue, and my good looks. 45 minutes of road noise and cheap solvent.

As soon as I get to the Monkey I get a work call and a wife call. Wife is on the way(to pick me up for the GM show). I take care of the work thing with a phone call and an email. Had time to say hi to my friends before Betty whisked me away to the magical land of Seattle's trendy Capitol Hill. And here we complete the circle of Thursday evening. Good times.

Fast-forward through some work crap to Friday night. We went to Jade's basketball(jones) game. My Jade scored two points. The other spectators seemed to think this was wonderful so I joined them in the hand clapping and primate noises. I like going to Jade's basketball games. Excellent milf-gazing potential. And I guess it keeps Jade off drugs or some such.

Fast-forward through some work crap to Saturday morning I finally get to grab some shut-eye between 9am and 4pm. Pass the on call torch to some other sucker, scrub my hairy carcass, practice my guitar lessons(every day, no exceptions), and we're back with them crazy city-folk in Seattle having an absolutely wonderful time @ Linda's with B, D, K, and J. The time went too fast and it ended too soon. We must convene again before the eschaton. You guys are rad.

I never actually did masturbate as I had previously suggested to some that I might. Instead I played guitar some more and finished reading Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger before attaching my tube and inducing pressure. Awesome book. Awesome author.

Rested now.

This week I look forward to moving my office from Bellevue back to Bothell. This stimulates the pleasure center of my brain. It's named Bothell but it should be Botheaven compared to Factoria. Maybe some Monkey Pub Thursday night. Sunday, the 29th ,night is MF Doom @ Chop Suey. The following Tuesday I begin Federal jury duty for three weeks. After completing jury duty my company is going to fly my monkey ass to Atlanta for a week to allow them to witness the awesome spectacle of me, in person. I may rent a motorcyle while there. If any of you have any hots on venues, attractions, etc. in Atlanta please comment.

I won't be back from Atlanta a week before I'm, again, rubbing my ass on Boeing manufacture. This time going to Austin, TX for wife's stepbrother's wedding. That's the weekend of March 11th, gbryal. Let's line something up.

*Dad never actually said this to me

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