Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Whew. What a weekend. I played hooky on Friday to help set up for Phoenie's birthday party. The party went as well as can be expected with that many kids running around our tiny property wielding weapons. Much to my surprise no blood was drawn.

Meeting Ian and Fenway. Two pleasant mammals.

Don't buy a pinata made out of cardboard.
I didn't think to warn the children against trampling violet_rain's garden until it was too late :(

Saturday was bobbyfontaine and _onnie_'s wedding. That was the second coolest wedding I've ever been to (the first being my own). Light on the formalities. Heavy on the celebration. Everything and everybody were so beautiful. I had a such a great time.

After the wedding celebrations violet_rain and I went to the Merc to ingest more alcohol and hang out with naughty funny people. Got hungry. Went to Beth's. Got tired. Went home.

Good fuckin' times.

Today we're keeping it low-key. My dad's coming down to bestow gifts upon our already-spoiled birthday boy and to watch me scorch meat plugs over a mesquite fire.

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