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You may not know this but I avoided jumping on the DVD bandwagon for a long time. I held out for a long time because I am against the copy protection and region coding. Tools of greed.

But, of course, I relented. I like to let technology marinate awhile before I consume. While I appreciate the improved clarity of video and sound and the improved portability of the physical media, I miss being able to FFW>> over the "boring parts." Trailers, credits, FBI warnings. I still abhor the DRM and region coding. My favorite feature of the DVD format, though, is subtitles. I love being able to turn on subtitles--even for english language movies. I don't know if it's because I'm going deaf or because actors are becoming more inarticulate or because I still haven't jumped on the 5.1 speaker bandwagon (I still listen to my movies through the stereo speakers inside my 27" glass-tube TV cabinet) but sometimes I have trouble following the dialogue. Or I get annoyed by large variations in sound levels. I'll have the volume turned up to hear the dialogue and a jump-cut to an explosion will wake up every inhabitant of the house.

I love me some subtitles.

I will eventually get around to setting up a 5.1 speaker system. The last time I almost went for it was when I found out Reznor was rereleasing The Downward Spiral in 5.1 or when I wanted to play Metroid Prime in 5.1


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