Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Bike problems.

I was getting irritated with my shaft-drive bike. It doesn't climb hills very well and I kept bending/breaking/stripping parts. So, on a whim, I drove to Wenatchee last Friday and picked up a new recumbent from Go-Bent. That store is awesome. They have almost every weird bike you can think of. From racing trikes to tandem recumbents to unicycles to folders.

Anyway I love the new bike. I spent all weekend setting it up. Putting on fenders, a rack, bells, lights. I went for my first real ride on Monday morning. I rode to work. The bike is a dream to ride. Except...

I'm riding home from work tonight. Speeding down a hill at 35 mph and my rear tire blows out. In the dark. In the rain. Luckily I I was prepared for it to happen. When I bought the bike I noticed it came with really thin flimsy racing tires. I thought to myself "these tires are not going to be suitable for highway riding." And I was right. Also luckily I bought a new tire patch kit and CO2 pump yesterday.

Not so luckily I was unable to properly patch the tube. I tried twice. The second time I thought I had it but when I went to put the wheel back on the bike it had gone flat again. Probably more than one hole caused by blowing out at such a high speed. So I gave up and called my angel/wife to come and pick me up. Tomorrow I go shopping for kevlar tires.

In other news I saw The Science of Sleep last night. GREAT movie. I wish I could've gotten stoned beforehand...shit, DURING. Every time I see a good indie flick I get more disgusted with Hollywood crap. Anyway you should go see it. In the theater. Under the influence of your favorite intoxicant. Then we can laugh together about "Goat on a cliff" and "parallel synchronized randomness" I still want to catch The Last King of Scotland, The Prestige, and Shortbus.

While at the theater I saw posters and trailers for more movies I must see.
Little Children - Jennifer Connelly, Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson (who was awesome in Hard Candy). This movie is going to be FUCKED up.
Babel - Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett
Tideland - Terry Gilliam. Need I say more? Ok. How 'bout Jodelle Ferland, Jennifer Tilly, and Jeff Bridges. Don't miss this one.
For Your Consideration - looked funny. Parker Posey is in it so I have to see it.

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