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Lately I've just been going to class and working. I can't believe how much extra work one class adds. I can't imagine being able to take more than one class while working at the same time. I spend, on average, 2 hours per day studying, taking notes, writing papers, and drilling. I still feel like I'm hopelessly behind. I wish I didn't have to work so I could take more classes. I think part of my problem is that I'm trying to be too thorough. I just need more practice speed-reading and note-taking.

Last Friday I finally ordered a drum kit. I've wanted to play drums since I was just a little shaver. I definitely wanted an electronic kit. Having an electronic kit is like having hundreds of different kits and sounds. Electronic kits are silent, or nearly so, when used with headphones. Electronic kits do not require microphones for recording/gigging. Plus...they're electronic :)

I spent at least 3 weeks trying to decide between the Roland V-Club kit or the V-Concert kit. The Club kit is beginner/entry level and costs $1200. It has rubber trigger pads and comes with a minimal rack. The Concert kit has a sound module with a built-in sequencer. It also has the mesh trigger pads that are quieter and feel more like an analog drum. It has a huge rack from which to hang all kinds of shit. The down side? $3,000.

I visited a few sites to see what kind of financing was available. A couple of sites had 6 months "same as cash" which was what I was looking for. Unfortunately, either I was approved for too little credit or the sites with these deals charged tax, shipping, or both.

I decided to get the $3k set. Roland has a promotion where buying a Concert set gets you a bonus pack with a sound module upgrade($250), a nice tri-trigger ride cymbal($200), drum sticks, a video user's manual, and a nice set of stereo headphones. I can't really justify spending $3k but I won't ever have to buy another drum set. Maybe I'll offset the cost by renting time on the set out for $10/hour or something. I ordered it from zzounds.com(free shipping/no tax) and put it on the ol' Discover card. It's got pretty low rates and the cash-back bonus. If I take 6 months to pay it off I'll only end up paying $200 on finance charges -- less than tax would be if I went to Guitar Center.

Now I just wait patiently (yah right!) for it to arrive. It should be here Monday if all goes well. I cannot fucking wait! I said my good-bye's to my family and friends. When the drums arrive, I will never be seen again unless it's in the garage or on the motherfuckin' stage!

I am eagerly awaiting the day I bring my puppity-puppy home. It's supposed to be ready at the end of this month. Unfortunately, it's in Texas and the breeder told me that when the weather gets hot the airlines don't let animals on board. So I'm hoping for cold weather in Texas. I'm going doggy shopping this weekend to buy chew toys, collar, lead, crate, doggy yum-yums, and doggy dishes.

Despite looking forward to doggy and drums, I've been getting more and more depressed. I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything. My recent activities of choice are sleeping and staring. I've been seriously considering going on antidepressants.

I read "Chameleon" by Dorothy Proctor today. It's an autobiography. Dorothy was born in hell. Her mother ran a whorehouse. Her earliest memories are of sexual abuse. Not surprisingly, she began acting out through petty crime and general noncomformity. She was kicked out of her house where she was raped occasionally and sent to live with relatives who raped and abused her occasionally. She ended up in prison after an attempted armed robbery. In prison she was able to practice and refine her criminal skills. After breaking out of prison, she worked her way from prostitute to mob-connected drug lord developing a coke habit in the process. Eventually she had done and seen it all and nothing impressed her any more. She decided to turn around and work for the good guys. She used her skill and reputation to bust organized crime rings, terrorist organizations, and serial killers.

Apart from getting raped ever couple of days, this lady had one hell of an exciting life.

I ordered 3 books from bn.com. "MP3: The Definitive Guide", "Hiking in Snohomish Co.", and "The Face in the Window: A Guide to Professional Dogwalking". I want to walk dogs full-time. No computers required.

Following is a link to the best porn I've ever seen. I haven't met a single person that wasn't turned on by this. And it's free. Trust me, you'll love it.
===> Hier Klicken!

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