Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

Brain Dump

Life has been crazy. Mostly not in a good way. My new job is a nightmare. Very stressful and time-consuming. Luckily it's only a 6-month contract so I'm just trying to hang in there.

violet_rain and I have made a ton fundamental changes to...everything in the last year. My new job. Her new job. Maintaining a second house. It has put an incredible strain on our relationship with each other and our family. As some of you might have heard, I had a total meltdown earlier this week. It was very painful but we're trying to work through it. Things are still very sensitive but we've spent a lot of time talking about it this week and I think the air is starting to clear.

Last night we had a proper date. Motorcycle ride to Seattle. Paddle-boating on Green Lake. Music shopping at Musicwerks. Dinner at Linda's. It was very intimate and healing for me. I'm going to make it a priority to do that more often.

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