Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
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LJ Interests Game

I guess this is how this works. I elaborate on the seven of my LJ interests that photosexual chose. Reply to this entry if you want me to pick seven of your interests for you to elaborate on. Or something...

sausage casing

More of a curiosity than an interest but LJ doesn't have "curiosity" section. Who the hell came up with the idea for sausage? I marvel at the many materials that can be used to encase seasoned ground meat.


I can't even remember who gave it to me but one of my friends went on a trip to southern USA and brought me back a can of Pork Brains in Milk Gravy. Pork brains in a can. A pop-top can. With milk gravy. Over 1000% RDA of cholesterol. How can brains-in-a-can not be interesting?


Kompressor was a musical project of Drew from toothpastefordinner.com
At the time Kompressor's true identity was unknown to me. He wore a scary mask, leather jacket and gloves, and blue jeans. He recorded electronic music in his basement using low-tech sometimes homemade instruments. He was self-parodying and made some really good music. His lyrics made me laugh. If you are not familiar I suggest you get your google fingers warmed. Kompressor made me glad to be alive on more than one occasion.

samy is my hero

samy was the myspace username of some kid that crafted a myspace worm. The worm would add "samy is my hero" to everybody's myspace interests. I thought it would be funny to add it to my LJ interests to make the worm appear "cross platform" Hhahahah. Ha. heh.


I read this word in a Neal Stephenson book (command line?). It's, I think, a Japanese word that means "thumb tribe" and it is used to describe the people with their ipods, and wireless phones, and portable game consoles, that are constantly using their thumbs. I like it.


I was introduced to "chudfuckers" by josefinek. Don't know what it means but it sounds really funny.


When I was a child I would sometimes go swimming in Wisconsin lakes. I was always warned about swimmer's itch and chiggers. I never knew what chiggers were but the name is funny. Chiggers. I was reminded by josefinek many years later that the word "chiggers" is funny. It's even funnier to be afraid of something named "chiggers"

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