Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

I had a fucked up dream!

While I was working in the office the FBI payed me a visit. They wanted to contract my services to help transport a prisoner to a high-security secret government lab. You see, in my dreams I either have super-human strength or I am a super secret service double agent combat specialist. I was the latter in this particular dream.

I was mildly surprised when the FBI agents dropped off a three year old boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The boy had chains on his ankles and neck. The chains were short and of a really thick gauge. The chains seemed better suited for boat anchors than three year old boys. The agents attached the chains to the support pole next to my desk after verifying with the facility manager that the pole was attached to the building foundation. Then the agents left after handing me the boy's dossier.

I opened the dossier and paged through it. I was curious about the chains. As I was paging through I had enough time to see some X-File stamps on some of the documents before the boy started screaming. He was asking for water. I went and got him some water. When I started to hand him the cup he lunged at me. I was still out of range and he ran out of chain. But the building shook from the force. I decided to take a more detailed look at the file.

The file documented that the boy, when angered, shifted his shape into that of a large and powerful raptor bird. I also learned that the boy posessed inhuman strength and may have psychic abilities. The psychological profile listed the boy as having age-inappropriate intelligence and homicidal tendencies. The final medical report showed that the boy had been heavily sedated prior to transportation to my office.

For some reason the boy started getting pissed off at me and became a vulture-eagle thing I thought of as a vulgle. The vulgle started pecking at the chains and, Jesus!, he was breaking through them. I jumped on it's back and wrapped a wire around it's beak. I thouht even if it's strong enough to peck through heavy-gauge chain it might not be able to open it's beak if I wire it shut. It seemed to work. The vulgle lunged at me for awhile and kept trying to use it's talons to claw through the floor and the chains but the chains removed most of it's range of movement. It finally settled down after awhile and changed back into the boy.

Some time later the boy started thrashing and screaming again but quickly sat down and glared at me when I produced the wire again. I waved the wire as if to say "Don't make me muzzle you again!" I had to piss so I went to the bathroom. I returned to see the vulgle making the final beak-stab at the chains to free itself. It was loose. I was chasing it trying to catch it and trying harder to avoid being killed in the process. The bird was far too fast and strong. It broke a window and was preparing to fly out. I had time to notice that the bird moved like clay-mation. When it was standing in front of the window it looked like a poorly executed blue-screen effect on a low-budget movie. Before the vulgle was able to leap to freedom, a softball sized object hit it's wing. The powerful bird was stunned by the broken wing and had started to melt back into a little boy but it was still preparing to jump. At that moment a SWAT team appeared in the broken window. One of the team members had a large over-the-shoulder weapon aimed at the bird/boy. He fired a projectile that looked like a cannonball wrapped in silver duct tape at the boy/bird and connected with his/it's midsection. It made a sound like a baseball bat striking a side of beef.

I looked down and a broken three year old boy lay at my feet. It was probably a better fate than what was waiting for him at the lab.

I went back to my desk and had an email from some important dude saying that I had failed in my duties and would not be paid. He also stated that the Bureau no longer required my services.

Bad day at the office.

As I was leaving the office, one of my coworkers, Sue, saw that I was depressed and asked if she could come with me to my place and talk about it. "What the hell!" I thought. My wife was out of town for the week and I could use the company.

When we got to my place Sue asked if she could take a shower. I gave her permission. I went to the car port and tinkered around with my Charger for awhile. I came back inside just as Sue was walking out of the bathroom. She was dripping wet and naked. She told me that she couldn't find any towels and she was going to air-dry. She was over six feet tall. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and long legs. She lay down on the sofa and waited to dry. "I hope you don't mind I invited a friend over" she said to me motioning to the loveseat. I followed her gesture and saw another blonde, shorter, laying on the loveseat. She too was wet and naked.

I acknowleged to myself that they were both smokin' sexy, they had taken a shower together, and were "drying" on my furniture. So I...turned on the TV?!?!

Someone knocked at the door. It was two of my friends who worked in the SWAT division. They had a bottle of liquor. I invited them in. I watched some more TV. I noticed as Sue swung her leg to get off the sofa. I talked to my SWAT friends. More people showed up. It was turning into a regular party.

I just wanted to be alone so I decided to go to the bar downstairs and have a couple of Mac 'n' Jacks. I looked in the mirror to see if I was presentable. I wasn't. I combed some liquid latex into my hair. As I was leaving Erica asked if she could join me.

I woke up.

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