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Just finished watching Rosemary's Baby (starring Mia Farrow) for the first time. It was okay. I didn't realize until after watching the movie that I had just seen Sharon Tate for the first time. The Sharon Tate that was butchered by the Manson family. I also found out that Roman Polanski, the director of Rosemary's Baby and widower of Sharon Tate, fled America on accusations of sleeping with a 13 year old. Didn't Woody Allen (Mia Farrow's ex-husband) have something to do with underage girl(s) also? What a psychofuck family.

I ordered two books from the Library today. The Guide to Getting it On, and The Anal Sex Guide for Women. I don't really need a guide to getting my freak on; I do alright. I am curious about the butt sex book, though. Both should have amusing illustrations if anything.

I have three ideas for books I'm going to write.

The first book is going to be a story about society after the invention of a sleep accelerator. People will be sleeping in fluid filled chambers. Electric pulses are surged through the body the entire time you're 'RESTING'. Readers on the inner shell of the machine sense muscle fatigue and the "smart fluid" positions the body in optimal configuration for healing. Alternating heating and cooling of the fluid encourages skin health. The brain is stimulated into REM states in programmed bursts judging from a stress level algorhithm. The pleasure center of the brain is stimulated to act as a dream generator via the dream-stem interface discovered and developed at Middlesex University in 2023. You model your dreams using a programmable menu interface. The interface lists dream 'Goals' such as Calm Pleasure, Sexy Adventure, Paranoid Conspiracy, Erotic Encounter and Horror.

Another book will be about an alien visit to earth, they have been pursuing us since a psychic among their race, "saw" us. He can see everything. They developed the necessary technology for long distance space flight for the specific purpose of meeting us. They worship us; think we can save their dying suns. We are afraid to disappoint them because of their mental abilities and size. The psychic abilities are explained as being able to see faster than light allowing him to focus on everything from the space between molecules to the future. He can "see" everything but can't hear or feel the things he is looking at infinite smallness or time-bending distances.

Last idea: Story about a guy who cheats on his wife with his cousin. During an exceptionally acrobatic sex session he accidentally breaks his mistress'/cousin's back rendering her paralyzed. His cover is blown when the ambulance arrives and the EMT's make the correct assumptions. The guy now has guilt from all sides. For cheating on his wife. For paralyzing a woman he loves. For being disowned by three families for engaging in incest. This book will be about choices, responsibility, and compromise.

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