Text Offender (digigasm) wrote,
Text Offender

*snort* *blink* ... 3 PM?

Damn! I feel like an old man.

Wifey and I went to the Catwalk last night to see Manufactura, Hocico, and Haujobb.

Manufactura was ok. Noise isn't really my cup o' gin but they had some good sounds. I think they need more work on the performance front. I took the opportunity during their set to swallow some gin+tonics to make sure I was covered on the malaria immunization.

Gary met us there between the sets of Manufactura and Hocico.

Hocico came on and...wow! I'd only heard one or two of their songs before seeing them. But as soon as they came on I turned into an instant fan-boy. Much fun was had. Many ears were ringing. I got some slam action. Back in the day I used to be the guy in the middle pushing people and swinging. Now that I'm older and wiser I prefer to keep my corrective lenses and pocket contents intact. But I don't keep very far from the action. There's just something nice about it. It's a surrender to chaos. It's almost zenlike. After Hocico were done, Gary found us and told us that he had gotten into a conflict or two. It seemed to have ruined the evening for him.

Haujobb were in rare form. Drunk and tired. But alot of fun. Wife didn't appreciate it much but I thought it was great. They were just letting loose and having some fun. I got to scream into the microphone a couple of times.

Afterward, we went for crappy, 3am food at a cafe illuminated by the Space Phallus. Gary and I had blackened chicken sandwiches and Corinne had blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate.

We got home at 4am. Phoenix woke up at 5. Bleh!

I recognized some faces. I saw Mike working the cash register. I saw the beautiful couple, R. Wilhelm and Drucilla. I saw Darren and his girlfriend who I only know as Tricelt. I also recognized Noel. Saw DJED + Gothfox.

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